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Our Favorite Jewish Food Websites That Truly Appreciate Jewish Cuisine

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A Foodie’s Favorite Jewish Food Websites

Every person in the world loves their culture and takes great pride in their authentic cuisine. Although many people haven’t sampled Jewish cuisine, they can learn much about Jewish history, beliefs, and culture once they try Matzo ball soup, pastrami sandwiches, or other traditional Sephardic, Ashkenazi or Kosher dishes.

Whether you are looking for traditional Jewish recipes or learning to make modern Jewish dishes, you will find great resources for Jewish cuisine here.

In this article, we have compiled a list of our top favorite Jewish food websites that feature information about Jewish cuisine, different recipes for Jewish dishes, and details about Jewish traditions and lifestyles.

Top Favorite Jewish Food Websites You Must Check Out

The Nosher (My Jewish Learning)

The Nosher is a wonderful website that highlights the importance of food in Jewish culture and lifestyle. From special holiday recipes to trendy Jewish restaurants, you can find anything and everything about Jewish cuisine on this website.

You will also be able to find tips regarding making and purchasing Israeli food and even find restaurants and street vendors that offer authentic Israeli dishes. The best things about The Nosher are how well the interface is designed and how you can find various Jewish recipes from recipe developers, bloggers, and chefs on the platform allowing you insight into different food combinations and wonderful people.


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Tori Avey

Tori Avey is a food blogger who shares and explores Mediterranean food and culture with her audience. On her website, food enthusiasts can find authentic and delicious Jewish recipes from the Mediterranean. Aside from her iconic recipes, visitors to the website can also find How-to Tutorials for simple staples and beginner-friendly cooking techniques.

Since Tori married her husband, who is an Israeli, her recipes feature authentic techniques that can be used at traditional holidays. The best thing about Tori Avey’s website is that it features kosher vegetarian recipes and gluten-free recipes for people with dietary restrictions.


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Melinda Strauss

Melinda Strauss first rose to popularity when she began sharing recipes on her platform ‘Kosher Food Blog.’ She is a proud Jew who has amassed a large following on TikTok with her handle, Orthodox Jew. You can find a variety of Jewish recipes on her website, whether you are interested in sweet desserts or traditional lunch and dinner recipes.

People with gluten-free or vegan diets can also find yummy kosher-friendly recipes that taste amazing and can be prepared easily with Melinda’s instructions.

Kosher Like Me

Kosher Like Me is a blog run by Liz Rueven that focuses on fresh flavors rooted in Jewish culture. Followers of this blog love it because the recipes and posts inspire them to consume food consciously and prepare it thoughtfully.

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Her recipes focus on ingredients that are ethically sourced and properly grown. The flavors come together wonderfully for each recipe to make for a filling and nutritious Jewish meal.

Since Liz emphasizes vegetarian and kosher dishes, you will find many of her dishes include locally grown produce that supports farmers and promotes sustainability. If you are on the lookout for a vegetarian Jewish recipe that won’t disappoint, you should check out the Kosher Like me website for ideas.


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People who love Pinterest and Instagram recipes will love Rebekah Lowin’s food blog ‘Rebekah’. The website blog focuses on fun and creative recipes and crafts that you can follow at home easily.

Rebekah doesn’t solely focus on Jewish recipes and cuisine, but by checking out her website, one can clearly tell that she wants to promote Jewish tries her best to promote Jewish cuisine and culture holiday recipes and crafts.

Instead of just focusing on the food and ingredients, Rebekah takes a sophisticated approach and makes enjoying an entire meal a celebratory and memorable experience. This helps her followers gain a new appreciation of Judaism.


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Jewish Viennese Food

Nino Shaye Weiss is the creator of Jewish Viennese Food, a blog focusing on Vienna’s classic Jewish cuisine. He lives in the city of dreams, home to many world-famous Jewish people such as Viktor Frankl, Stefan Zweig, Arnold Schoenberg, Erich von Stroheim, and many others. He offers valuable information about the Viennese culture and kosher ingredients and even digs deep into pre-holocaust Jewish cuisines.

On the Jewish Viennese Food website, visitors can explore the best Vienna has to offer. From pastry shops, coffeehouses, bakeries, and Kosher restaurants, you can find all kinds of information about Jewish Viennese cuisine in Vienna in the ‘Best of Vienna’ section.

The recipes on the website are also sorted smartly, which helps you find the most suitable options according to the ingredients you have available.

Jewish Food Society

Jewish Food Society is a website that every fan of Jewish food must have visited at least once. Visitors on this site can explore stories about different Jewish dishes, traditions, food culture, and more in the Stories section.

In the Recipes section, you can find classic Jewish recipes for Shabbat, regional Jewish recipes, and kosher dessert recipes. There are also fascinating podcast episodes that visitors can listen to that relate to Jewish traditions, culture, food, history, and famous personalities.

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It is a fantastic website for any beginner who is learning to cook and wants to explore Jewish cuisine fully. People new to Jewish culture can also find a ton of insight and learn about Judaism, kosher food, and traditions.

Jamie Geller

Jamie Geller is known on the internet as the ‘Queen of Kosher’ and the ‘Jewish Rachel Ray.’ She has been the creative force behind, and hosts shows on Create TV and PBS. She is also the founder of Kosher Network international (KNi), the best Global Kosher Food Media Company.

Jamie is immensely talented and has been super successful because of her cooking skills. On the Recipes tab of her page, you can find kosher recipes for gluten-free food, chicken dishes, appetizers, lunch, dinner, breakfast, and more.

When you try a Jamie Geller dish, you can rest assured that it will turn out to be absolutely delicious!


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What Jew Wanna Eat

The name ‘What Jew Wanna Eat’ is a funny pun that makes website visitors instantly interested in what the blog has to offer. The blog is run by Amy Kritzer, who focuses on providing recipes for kosher homemade food and treats.

On the recipe tab of her website, you can find delicious Passover, Pareve, Rosh Hashanah, Shavuot, and Sukkot recipes. Amy also has a separate collection of recipes for vegetarians and people with gluten-free diets.

The best part about What Jew Wanna Eat is that it is not just a food-centered website but a complete lifestyle blog highlighting Jewish culture and traditions. You can find Amy’s insights on different blog posts (recipes and travel blogs), which make her website more interesting to explore.

Kosher In the Kitch

If you are looking for kosher recipes that can be prepared on the go and turn out to be outstandingly delicious, then you have to visit Kosher in the Kitch. Kosher in the Kitch is a website blog that was created and is currently run by Nina.

She loves giving classic Jewish recipes a makeover and transforming them into something modern and tasty. Her Hanukkah Corn Dogs and BBQ Pastrami Stuffed Challah are two of the most famous recipes on the website that have been praised immensely by her followers.

If you are feeling a little lazy and want a quick kosher-friendly tasty meal, you should try out a recipe from Kosher in the Kitch.

The Jewish Kitchen

The Jewish Kitchen is an iconic Jewish food website created by Jodi Luber. She grew up working in her family’s bakery as a child and loves baking as a hobby.

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Her website is straightforward to navigate, and users can quickly sort through recipes by Jodi according to the occasion they’re cooking for or the type of food they’d like to eat.

Jodi has incorporated a separate section for people who want to opt for healthy eating and stay away from unnecessary calories. She also has several recipes on her website for the holiday season and special days. Busy parents who can’t decide on a menu for a celebration can also check out Jodi’s collection of recipes under menus.


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Jew Hungry

Jew Hungry is a cute and fun food blog website run by Whitney, who started her blog to test how she could modernize traditional kosher food. On her website, visitors can click on the recipe index tab to view all the recipes she has added over time. From drool-worthy main dishes to scrumptious desserts, Jew Hungry’s recipes can delight any adult and child and make them crave more.

Our favorite recipes from Jew Hungry have to be the Tu B’Shevat Chocolate Dirt Cakes, Lemon Garlic Broccoli Meatballs, and Matzah Chilaquiles.

How to Braid a 6-Strand Rainbow Challah! | What Jew Wanna Eat

Amy Kritzer of What Jew Wanna Eat shows how to braid a 6-strand challah. And, as if that isn’t exciting enough, it’s rainbow challah!


Jewish cuisine is one of a kind because of how expansive and varied it is across different regions of the world. Although you might be able to find typical types of bread and celebratory Jewish dishes everywhere in the world, some Jewish dishes can take you by surprise.

If you are an adventurous kosher foodie, we recommend trying different recipes from our favorite Jewish websites mentioned above.

If you want to learn more about Jewish cuisine and food, click on any of the links below.

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