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Langer’s Deli – The Greatest Pastrami Sandwich In The World?

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If you are a serious connoisseur of pastrami and Jewish Delis, then a visit to Langers should be on the top of your list. This iconic deli has been serving up delicious sandwiches since 1947, and their pastrami is world-renowned.

Today I will share all the important things you need to know about this legendary deli.

Langers Deli Outside

History of Langers

Langer’s Deli has been a Los Angeles staple since 1947, when it started as a small deli with only 12 seats!  The deli was founded by Al Langer, who emigrated from Poland to the United States in the early 1900s.

After working in New York City’s garment district, Langer moved to Los Angeles and opened a small delicatessen on 7th Street. Over time, the deli expanded and took over more of the adjacent buildings to expand to its current location. Today, the deli is still run by the Langer family and provides an excellent old school deli experience.

Sadly, Al died on June 26, 2007. His son Norm then took over the deli and has been running it ever since. Norm had started working for his dad in 1963 and has been there most days since.

Fun note – Norm’s daughter, Trisha Langer, opened Daughter’s deli in 2018 on the Sunset Strip in the Hollywood area.

A Few Fascinating Facts about Langers Deli

  • It recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. It originally opened on June 17, 1947 and has been in its current location the whole time. It started out in a smaller space and expanded as it took over connecting businesses.
  • The #19 is their most popular sandwich – learn more below!
  • In 1990, they pioneered the to go concept of curbside service which has since become common at many restaurants.
  • They have served over 8 million pounds of pastrami since they opened their business.

Things to Know Before You Visit Langers

There is often a wait, especially around lunch time. Be prepared and be patient. The lines can be very long. So, ifyou can avoid showing up at 12pm, you will have a shorter wait.

If you know what to expect before you go you will have a MUCH better visit and can focus on enjoying the food instead of being annoyed. And I love the food there so want to make sure you have a good visit.

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Without further ado, here are some things to know to improve your experience:

They have rather unusual hours

They are open from 8am to 4pm daily. So you can’t go for dinner. Just remember this when planning your visit. You can go for an early breakfast, or lunch, or eat before or after lunch but not too late because they close at 4pm.

Delivery for Locals

If you are local you can get delivery through a variety of food delivery services.

Delivery for Non-Locals Outside of Los Angeles

If you live outside of Los Angeles you can get delivery through Goldbelly.

Langers Restaurant Address

Langers Delicatessen is located at 704 S Alvarado Street. Los Angeles, CA 90057.

How To Get To Langers from the Subway

Take the Metro Gold Line to the 7th Street / Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles. From there, it’s a short walk to the deli.

Langers Parking Lot

Langers has free parking with validation. Your map software probably will have Langers Parking Lot as a pre-filled address. Parking is challenging in the neighborhood so if you are driving, you definitely want to park in their parking lot.

Langers Parking Lot address is 1931 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057.

Langers Deli Entrance

Langers Worlds Best Hand Cut Pastrami

What to Expect

When you visit Langer’s Deli, you can expect to find a casual atmosphere with counter service. The menu features a variety of sandwiches, all made with high-quality ingredients. The pastrami is slow-cooked and hand-sliced, and the bread is baked fresh daily.

Langer’s Deli Ambiance

The service at Langer’s Deli is always great. The staff was friendly and helpful and it has the vibe of an old diner. To be honest, it has less of an old jewish deli vibe compared to Canter’s deli. Part of the reason for this is its location. Canter’s is adjacent to many other Jewish businesses and synagogues nearby so Fairfax feels more Jewish overall.

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Langers Deli Interior

The Best Pastrami Sandwich in LA?

When it comes to pastrami sandwiches, there is no better place in Los Angeles than Langer’s Deli. For over 60 years, Langer’s has been serving up the greatest pastrami sandwiches in LA, and there’s a reason why they’re still around today.

“The hot pastrami sandwich served at Langer’s Delicatessen in downtown Los Angeles is the finest hot pastrami sandwich in the world. ” – Nora Ephron (August 2002)

What Makes the #19 Pastrami Sandwich so Special?

Langers #19

Langer’s Deli #19 Pastrami Sandwich is world-famous for a reason – it’s absolutely delicious!

The perfect combination of juicy, fatty pastrami, tangy mustard, and crispy bread, this sandwich is sure to satisfy your pastrami cravings.

But what makes the #19 Pastrami Sandwich so special? Well, for starters, the pastrami is cooked to perfection. It’s juicy and flavorful, with just the right amount of fat.

Let’s take a deeper dive:

Langers 19 sandwich illustration

Nora Ephron Langers

Nora Ephron was a renowned American journalist, screenwriter, and director, best known for her romantic comedies. She was also a regular at Langer’s Deli, where she would enjoy their world-famous pastrami sandwich.

In an interview with The New York Times, Ephron revealed that the secret to the sandwich’s perfection is in the meat: “It’s all about the quality of the beef. Langer’s uses only hand-carved, prime brisket that’s been dry-cured and slow-cooked for hours.”

Nora Ephron Langers Deli Quote

Ephron isn’t the only celebrity fan of Langer’s pastrami sandwich. Numerous other stars have raved about it, including Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey, the LA Times, and President Barack Obama.

In August, 2022, Nora Ephron wrote an amazing ode to the #19 sandwich. You can read her original article here.

LA Times Langers Deli Quote

Purists Might Not Like the #19

Some deli purists, like my friends Rob P and Rob M, consider themselves “pastrami purists.” They do not keep kosher, but they do not believe that mixing meat and cheese is appropriate, almost sacrilegious.

Specifically, they object to the addition of cheese to the meat sandwich. For them, they prefer a simple Langer’s pastrami on rye sandwich.

For me personally, the first time I visited Langers 5+ years ago was the first time I’ve ever had pastrami with any additions but I love it and if it is your first visit, you should absolutely try it!

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My Other Favorite Menu Items

Pastrami French Dip

If you love pastrami and you love a French dip style, this cannot be beat.

It features their delicious pastrami on a French roll and delicious French dip au jus. And it comes with a pickle too.

I recently had this in December 2022.  My friend Izzy always eats it and I was glad I tried it – and it was the best French dip sandwich I have ever eaten.

Langers Deli French Dip Sandwich with Pastrami


Reuben Sandwich – with Pastrami

Recently tried this for the first time as well. It is luscious and decadent. Instead of the usual Reuben which typically has corned beef, you can get it with their legendary Pastrami. I have never had a reuben with pastrami before. And if you are a little reluctant, trust me, you will thank me later!

The bread is grilled and buttery. It is served with sauerkraut and some Russian dressing on the site. If you love a Reuben, you will love this.


After You Finish Your Langer’s Meal

When you get the bill, they will give you a sealed to go napkin along with a breath mint.

Langers Napkin

Parking validation – be sure to get your ticket validated at the counter when you pay your bill.

Here’s a picture from 2017 with my high school friends, Rob and Rob.

Langers with Friends in 2017

And another from 2018

Langers Deli Jay Rob Rob 2018


And finally, to close, a luscious close up view of the #19.

Langers #19 Up Close




Langers Deli Counter