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Top Picks: The Best Vegetarian Polish Food

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Best Vegetarian Polish Food You Must Try

When you think of Polish cuisine, you might imagine plates piled high with meat and potatoes. But as it turns out, there is a world of mouthwatering vegetarian options to discover. From hearty soups to savory pierogies, Polish vegetarian food can satisfy even the most carnivorous among us. So, if you’ve been a lifelong vegetarian or are looking to add more plant-based meals to your daily diet, get ready to explore the world of vegetarian Polish cuisine.

Here Are Some of the Best Vegetarian Polish Foods You Must Try

10. Kopytka

Kopytka is a vegetarian’s dream come true! These yummy Polish potato dumplings are little known but are a staple in southern Poland. These dumplings of deliciousness are made with a perfect trifecta of mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour.

While Kopytka may seem plain on the surface, the fact is they pack a flavor punch when paired with a little melted butter, sugar, or even a side salad. But why do you have to settle for just good when you can have great? Take your kopytka game to the next level by sautéing them in a pan with garlic, mushrooms, onion, and bacon for added flavor and texture.

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9. Sałatka z burakow

When discussing the easy-to-make yet delicious vegetarian Polish food, Salatka Jarzynowa, the Polish vegetable salad, should never be missed. This classic salad is a blend of boiled veggies, including parsley root, celery root, carrot, and potatoes.

These veggies are finely chopped and mixed with eggs, ogorki kiszone, peas, and mayonnaise. It is then seasoned with salt and pepper to create a tasty salad that is both flavorful and comforting.

Want to know the best part? This Polish dish is loved by locals and tourists alike, making it the best addition to any meal. The key to this dish is to serve it cold with bread, which makes it taste even better.

8. Krokiety

Krokiety is a traditional Polish delicacy that is a must-try for all vegetarians. These mouthwatering croquettes are made with a savory filling of cabbage and mushrooms wrapped in Polish crepes and then breaded and deep-fried to perfection. They have a crisp exterior and a soft, comforting, warm filling that will make you return for more.

Served alongside the traditional red borscht, Krokiety will warm your heart and soul. Some variations of krokiety include a meatless filling of sauerkraut, onion, and mushroom. Thanks to the multiple variations of these croquettes that can complement any meal, be it a lunch or dinner. With its satisfying taste and texture, krokiety will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

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7. Kapusta Z Grochem

Craving a healthy and hearty vegetarian meal that is packed with flavor? Kapusta Z Grochem is the way to go! This vegan dish combines yellow split peas with sour cabbage.

Perfect as both a main course and as well as a snack, Kapusta Z Grochem is going to make your meals better. And with its easily available and simple ingredients, it is a breeze to make at home. So why not try it and see for yourself why Kapusta Z Grochem is one of the best vegetarian Polish foods around.

6. Kisiel

Kisiel is a sweet and sticky dessert, which is not only easy to pronounce but also easy to make. Made with sweetened fruit puree thickened with cornstarch or potato starch, Kisiel has a texture similar to jelly just before it solidifies.

You can serve it hot or cold and enjoy it with a whipped cream and some fresh fruits for an added zing. But if you are feeling adventurous and want to explore more flavors, pair it with some of the best Jewish desserts for a tasty yet diverse experience.

Don’t miss out on this sweet treat! Give Kisiel a try and let your taste buds be the judge.

5. Kartofle gotowane

Kartofle gotowane is the magic ingredient for vegetarians who want to add a bit of Polish magic to their dishes. They are more commonly known in plain English as boiled potatoes and are mixed with a mishmash of chopped dill and parsley, which turns them into a flavorful meal that can be eaten at any time of the day and is both nutritious and appetizing.

Whether you prefer to cut them into large pieces or eat them as a whole, kartofle gotowane is a dish you can enjoy with meat dishes as well as on its own with a side of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes. If you want to add an extra touch of decadence, you can top them with caramelized onions or cover them in gravy.

4. Łazanki

Imagine a symphony of pasta, mushrooms, cabbage, sour cream, and herbs combined to create a culinary masterpiece. It is like a Polish version of stroganoff but has a unique twist. Well, this is what Łazanki is! Łazanki takes you on a journey through the heart of Polish cuisine with its unique blend of flavors.

The traditional recipe of Łazanki calls for rectangular-shaped, flat homemade noodles. But if you want a truly rustic and authentic experience, try using wide, flat noodles instead. The wider the noodle, the more it adds to the taste and texture of the dish.

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This vegetarian food is not only easy to make but also full of taste. Each bite is like a taste of Poland and a perfect representation of the country’s comforting and hearty cuisine.

3. Surówka

If you want a light and refreshing main course or a side dish, Surówka is a classic Polish salad that is the best meal for vegetarians. It is a flavorful and fresh mix of vegetables and fruits, dressed to perfection with lemon juice, olive oil, and a pinch of sugar.

Surówka is made with coarsely grated carrots, onions, apples, sauerkraut, and white cabbage, but you can also add other ingredients depending on the season. Some of its variations include parsley or dill for a burst of freshness, while others are spiced up with cinnamon and caraway seeds for a little extra zing. Its modern variations even include citrus fruits, dried fruits, and nuts for a unique twist.

This salad is both tasty and full of nutrition, and it is sure to become a new favorite in your vegetarian recipe collection.

2. Fasolka z migdałami

Fasolka z migdałami is a green bean masterpiece that is a creative take on the traditional Polish green bean dish with a twist of fried or roasted almonds that add a crunch to every bite you take.

Fasolka z migdałami is eaten as a main course, but you can also try it as an appetizer or a side dish. But why stop there? You can experiment with fish, chicken, asparagus, or cauliflower and top with breadcrumbs browned in butter for an extra flavor kick.

But if you are in the mood for something heartier, try fasolka po bretońsku. It is a savory dish made with white beans, sausage, tomato puree, bacon, and spices that will make you crave more. While the smoky sausage, tangy tomato puree, and bacon balance the flavors, the creamy beans add a different texture to the mix. It is a tasty alternative to the American classic of baked beans.

1. Knedle

Imagine biting into a pillowy soft dumpling filled with summer fruits’ juicy and sweet essence. This dream is a reality in the form of knedle. Knedle is not only a dessert but a meatless main course meal you can enjoy on a hot summer day. For this reason, Knedle is the epitome of summertime comfort food.

The plum knedle (knedle ze śliwkami) and strawberry knedle (knedle z truskawkami) are the most popular ones, but you can get creative with your choice of fruit. The dough is made of potatoes, which gives it the perfect texture, and the addition of buttery breadcrumbs before serving gives it a nice crunch. Don’t just take our word for it,  give this Polish delicacy a try!

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Also, be sure to see our Polish Food Glossary to learn more about Polish food.

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Cooking Polish Food: Plum Knedle by Polish Your Kitchen

In this video, Anna of teaches you how to make delicious Polish potato dumplings with plums, called “knedle.”

Best Vegetarian Polish Food – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Polish Food Is Vegetarian?

For the vegetarian palate, options like placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes), pierogi filled with vegetables, and gołąbki (cabbage rolls) are sure to delight.

Is It Easy to Be a Vegetarian in Poland?

In Poland, vegetables are a staple of the diet, making it quite easy to be a vegetarian. With salad being a common side to every meal, it is not uncommon to see plates piled high with shredded beetroot, cabbage, and grated carrot. In fact, Poland boasts the highest rate of fruit and vegetable consumption in all of Europe.

What Is Poland’s Most Famous Food?

Poland’s beloved pierogi is a classic comfort food that is hard to resist. One bite of these delectable stuffed dumplings, and you will be hooked. Whether cooked or fried, filled with meat, veggies, cheese, fruit, or even chocolate, and topped with sour cream or butter, pierogis are always a tasty treat.


To sum it up, Poland has a rich culinary tradition that includes different vegetarian dishes. From hearty meals like Kapusta Z Grochem and Łazanki to Kartofle gotowane and the popular pierogi filled with veggies, there are plenty of options for vegetarians to enjoy.

So, whatever you choose is sure to satisfy your taste buds. And if you crave other savory and sweet treats, make sure to check out the best German desserts.

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