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The Best Polish Delis in Florida That Offer Authentic Polish Fare

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Polish Delis in Florida

Although Florida doesn’t have a huge Polish population, you can find some fantastic Polish eateries in the state. Polish restaurants and delis in Florida serve customers classic Polish dishes like kielbasas, potato pancakes, dumplings, pierogis, bigos, smoked Polish sausages, fresh sausages, and other gourmet items.

Aside from that, you can also discover hip eateries serving high-quality, tasty, and authentic Polish snacks and desserts that can be enjoyed with family or on the go.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best Polish delis in Florida you can try out. These delis are popular among local patrons due to their tasty and fresh offerings and are sure to wow you with their high-quality range of Polish fare as well.

Here Are Some of the Best Polish Delis in Florida You Should Check Out

Pierogi Grill & Deli

Pierogi Grill & Deli is one of the most highly-rated Polish eateries in Clearwater. You can expect to find tasty and authentic Polish food and deli meats at the deli along with pierogis, hunter’s stew, Polish imported items, baked goods, and sweets.

Some of the staff at Pierogi Grill & Deli speak Polish and English and can help you select the most suitable items for purchase. The most popular items at the deli have to be their pierogis and their potato and onion sides.

The sauerkraut at the deli is cooked to perfection and can be prepared for you as you like. Aside from that, the deli’s ambiance is relaxed and comfortable and can allow you to chat easily with a few friends or family members as you enjoy a delicious meal.

Although the décor of the deli isn’t too special, the staff is friendly, and the variety of Polish fare is authentic and high-quality. The taste of the Polish dishes is sure to make you come back for more.


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“Pierogi & Sausages” Polish Deli

Pierogi and Sausages is a Polish deli in St. Petersburg and is known to be one of the best at the location. It offers authentic homemade Polish food along with Polish beer, bakery, meats, fish, sweets, and other Polish fares.

Some of the staff and owners speak Polish as well as English and can guide you regarding which Polish dishes are the best for anyone trying Polish food for the first time. Be sure to stop here for a quick bite whenever you are in St. Petersburg.

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Kiev Deli

Kiev Deli is another excellent Florida deli that offers fantastic Polish and European fare. At Kiev Deli, you can find authentic Mediterranean gourmet deli food, delicious baked goods, various types of wine and beer, gourmet sandwiches, and so much more.

Two Polish owners started this deli not long ago because they wanted to serve the locals authentic European fare. They promised patrons to serve the most delicious Polish dishes from a small shop which grew into a large storefront over the years.

The deli now offers some of the best Eastern European brands and tasty delicacies to customers in the Venice, Bradenton, and Sarasota areas. If you are in the market for some high-quality European food, be sure to visit and try out a few dishes from Kiev Deli.

Pierogi Inn

Pierogi Inn has been a popular place among Sarasota locals for almost two decades. In the beginning, Pierogi Inn only sold pierogis to customers, which is how the eatery’s name came to be.

After selling only pierogis for some time, the store expanded its offerings to customers. It began to serve an assortment of fresh meat products, foodstuffs, dairy products, and other imported goods from Poland.

At Pierogi Inn, you will find all shelves of the stores full of dry, canned, and jar products, along with greeting cards and Polish DVDs.

The deli also has an extensive range of homemade and fresh dishes that can please any taste. Aside from that, the store also offers the service of sending parcels to Europe, especially Poland, to customers as well. You can easily place your order in Polish or English at the deli, as some of the staff is bilingual.

Europol Polish Deli

Europol Polish Deli is situated near Orlando, Florida, and offers a variety of Polish smoked and fresh meats such as hams, bacon, kielbasas, sausages, Kiszka, pierogis, and so much more.

If you haven’t tried authentic Polish dishes before, it is highly recommended that you order their potato pancakes, meat dumplings, cheese blintzes, hunter stew, stuffed cabbage, Zywiec, warka, okocim, tripe soup, and other authentic foods.

The Europol Polish deli also serves customers delicious Polish dessert options such as poppy seed cake, cheesecake, chrusciki, etc.

European Flavors

European Flavors is a well-known Polish deli in Florida that is situated in Brandon, FL. Although the deli specializes in serving high-quality European foods, you can find some tremendous Polish ingredients and hot meals here as well.

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The sandwiches at this deli are quite popular since they cost less than $5 and can be quite filling and healthy. Aside from that, Polish dishes at European Flavors are always prepared fresh, and the place is very hygienic.

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist trying out the assortment of delicious European candies at European Flavors.

If you are visiting European Flavors, be sure to order half a pound extra fresh pierogis than you need since you are bound to crave more after some time. This Polish market is not just loved by locals but also by visitors from other states, who make a point to stop at European Flavors to pick out their favorite Polish delicacies.

The staff at the deli is quite friendly, and there is a large variety of products to choose from, such as spicy horseradish, spicy red pepper spread, and European chocolate. You can also get fresh kolachki cookies, sliced cheese, blueberry pastry, stuffed cabbage, pierogis, and other delicacies at this deli as well.

Polmart, LLC

If you want to get hearty and fulfilling Polish food in Clermont in the vicinity of Orlando, you can get some fantastic Polish dishes at Polmart. Polmart offers a wide variety of deli meats, Polish cheeses, sausages, potato dumplings, and pierogis.

You can get both savory and sweet pierogis in Polmart and Polish pastries like nut rolls, poppy seed rolls, polish doughnuts, babkas, and angel wings. Some of the notable Polish brands you will come across in Polmart are Wedel, Cracovia, Kopernik, etc. Aside from the food, Polmart also sells stunning Polish pottery, which you can use for your home’s interior décor.

Krakus Polish Deli

Krakus Polish Deli is a well-known family-owned business in North Lauderdale near Pompano Beach, Florida. This excellent deli offers amazing Polish fresh cold meats such as hams, bacon, kielbasas, sausages, Kiszka, and more.

You can also find high-quality Polish beer and traditional dishes at the deli, such as pierogi and stuffed cabbage. If you are a home cook looking for authentic Polish ingredients, you can find Polish spices, herbs, condiments, pastries, and cakes at the location. The store also offers customers cosmetics, Polish books, movies, and magazines if you want to check out something extra.


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Old World Polish Deli

If you are going to visit Pompano Beach, be sure to check out the Old World Polish deli for some great Polish goodies. The Old World Polish Deli offers authentic homemade European dishes and assures customers it provides the best quality food.

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You can try out tasty artisanal bread at the deli, along with amazing Polish ingredients that are difficult to come across otherwise. The mouth-watering sandwiches at the deli are made with the finest quality of cheese and meats and can wow you with their flavor.

You can even try out other traditional Polish delicacies like the Flaczki, Bigos, etc., from the Old World Polish Deli.

Best Polish Delis in Florida – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some highly-rated Polish delis in Florida?

Some of the highly-rated Polish delis in Florida are Pierogi Inn, Europol Polish deli, Polmart LLC, Krakus Polish Deli, and Old World Polish Deli.

What do people say about Polish delis in Florida?

Polish delis in Florida are pretty welcoming, and the staff is known to be very helpful and accommodating.

Pierogi Inn ~ Polish Deli

Pierogi Inn is the biggest polish deli/grocery store in Southwest Florida, located in Sarasota. They have a variety of Polish traditional Christmas delicacies such as Oplatek (Christmas Wafer), Pierogies (over 25 different flavors of pierogies), Herrings, Chrusciki, Kolaczki, Poppyseed and Nut Rolls, Cakes, Smoked Sausage, Cold Cuts, Kiszka, Stuffed Cabbage, Red and White Borscht, Smoked Fish, Pickles, sauerkraut, Polish Greeting Cards, and lots more.


If you are looking for some authentic Polish dishes to try in Florida, be sure to visit the spots mentioned above since these are the ones that have the best and most authentic Polish food in the area.

You can enjoy some of the finest quality foods here and pick out some amazing ingredients and liquor as well. Visit these locations today and see which place you like best.

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