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The Best Polish Delis in Chicago That Will Remind You of Warsaw

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The Most Amazing Polish Delis in Chicago

Chicago is widely known as one of the biggest hubs of Polish food outside Warsaw. Although you might think New York City has everything to offer with a variety of Polish dishes served buffet-style, you have barely scratched the surface if you haven’t experienced the phenomenal Polish dishes from Chicago delis. Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or want to indulge yourself, you can find a variety of traditional Polish deli foods to try in Chicago.

We have mentioned some of the best Polish delis in this article that capture the true Polish spirit, whether hipster or grandmotherly. You can enjoy sit-down Polish restaurants as well as small delis where you can get a quick bite to enjoy. These eateries are full of delicious Polish desserts and challenging-to-pronounce sausages, which are a definite must-try.

Here Are Some of the Best Polish Delis in Chicago That You Must Visit

Deli 4 You

Deli 4 You is a Polish deli run by a mother-daughter-duo, Margaret and Joanna Antonik. For almost a decade, Margaret strived to build a one-of-a-kind European grocery experience in Chicago, expanding their operations to up to four stores.

Now, Deli 4 You has been recognized as one of the most successful Polish delis and markets in the US and abroad. Margaret’s daughter has been at the forefront, helping her mom from the start. She used to sell Polish cakes and paczki as a 16-year-old and now has taken the position of Business and Marketing Director for Deli 4 You.

This Polish market serves ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat traditional dishes, grilled meats, European cuisine, homemade pierogi, fresh soups and salads, and many more. All items are made fresh in the Deli 4 You kitchen daily, and you can enjoy a variety of new dishes here if you are unfamiliar with European cuisine.


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Kurowski’s Sausage Shop

If you want to visit an authentic Polish deli in Chicago, you must check out Kurowski’s Sausage Shop. This shop provides you with a full Polish grocery experience, where you can find amazing sausages and delicious grilled meats.

If you are Polish, you will fall in love with the variety of Polish foods present on the shelves and the large number of options available to you. Most people at the Kurowski’s Sausage Shop have thick accents and speak Polish and English, which can be helpful.

The staff at Kurowski’s Sausage Shop is incredibly kind and will guide you to choose the best foods according to your preference. You can try delectable Polish sausages, kielbasa, smoked salmon, pierogi, lunch meat, Polish bacon, Polish ham, original rye bread, cabbage rolls, and so much more at Kurowski’s Sausage Shop.

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Celina’s Deli

Celina’s Deli is a hidden gem in Chicago that serves some of the most traditional and delicious Polish meals. You can find amazing smoked and fresh Polish sausages at a reasonable price here, along with other Polish delicacies like homemade sauerkraut, dumplings, and potato pancakes.

Although it is a small store, it has a cold deli case as well as dry goods to offer to patrons. Dry goods at Celina’s Deli include a variety of imported foods such as Polish mustard and pickles.

Insider Tip: The sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi are delightfully tasty and will become your new favorite item on their menu.

Lassak Market & Deli

If you are looking for a large range of Eastern European foods, you should visit Lassak Market & Deli. You can try various unique, authentic Polish dishes, such as the molded cheese similar to the one you can get in Zakopane, Poland.

At the market’s meat counter, you will come across friendly Polish-speaking staff that can guide you to choose delicious sausages and meats. If you want a treat for later, you can also get some frozen pierogi and grilled kielbasa at Lassak.

People who frequent this Polish deli will tell you that they have the best pierogis to offer. You can even place catering orders with them; they will guide you regarding which items you can choose and the quantity of food you should order.

The Lassak Market & Deli is quite large, and you can order various kinds of cheese, lunch meats, and ready-to-eat salads here. You can find English-speaking as well Polish staff here and some amazing options at the hot prepared food counter.

Gorka Deli

Gorka deli is one of the top delis you can visit in Chicago that sell a number of unique Polish sausages and pierogis. If you want to surprise your Polish family or treat them with authentic Polish food, you should pick up a few treats here.

Although the deli space might seem small, you can find many amazing things to eat. You can pick out ingredients and essentials that are normally only available in large stores, as well as Polish sides such as horseradish, sausage, beets, etc.

The staff mostly comprises Polish immigrants who are very kind and can guide you regarding which Polish sausages you should try out. Even with a limited budget, you can pick out some amazing Polish foods and imported goods at reasonable prices.

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There are also a large variety of fresh sandwiches at the premises that you can pick up for enjoying on the go. A Polish deli meat sandwich called Krakowska is the most popular treat you can enjoy with friends and family at this deli.

Racine Bakery

If you are ever in the area, you should stop at the Racine Bakery in Chicago. Racine Bakery is one of the best Polish delis in Chicago that serves some of the best and most authentic baked Polish goods.

You can find delicious cakes, Polish rye bread, paczki, Lithuanian bread, cookies, bacon buns, and sweets at Racine Bakery, along with fresh breads that can help you make great sandwiches. You can also find paczki any time of the year at Racine Bakery, which is highly rated by regular customers.

The freshly prepared deli hot foods are also popular due to their great taste. Some of the amazing deli treats include chicken rolls, potato pancakes, cabbage rolls, liver and onions, and more. If you are interested in what special items they’re offering for the week, you can visit their website for more information.


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Joe & Frank’s Famous Homemade Sausage

If you are in Chicago, you must check out some amazing Polish food from Joe & Franks Famous Homemade Sausage. This deli is quite popular among locals as well as visitors from other states due to the variety of delicious deli meats.

The Chicago smoked Polish sausage by Joe & Franks is a specialty along with their original smoked polish sausage. The kielbasa from Joe & Franks Famous Homemade sausage is spectacular and stands out from the kielbasas at other Chicago delis.

You can take your friends out to try the kielbasas at Joe & Franks Famous Homemade Sausage and catch up over some beer and food. Aside from that, the store also offers customers the chance to pick out their favorite products at a discount as they offer great sales regularly.

Tip: The black pepper-crusted Canadian bacon and pirogis are also customer favorites that have a distinct flavor. Therefore, if you are looking for great food at a reasonable price, be sure to visit this deli in Chicago.

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Ania’s Polish Deli

Ania’s Polish Deli is a favorite spot for locals to get some amazingly fresh and hot Polish food. The staff at the deli is very helpful and provides great service no matter which time you visit the eatery. You can find great ready-made lunch options at this Polish deli that have a fantastic taste.

The most popular items at Ania’s Polish deli are breads, sausages, salami, homemade sweets, and pierogies. Moreover, if you want some high-quality imported Polish foods, you can also visit their store to check if they carry those specific items.


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Best Polish Delis in Chicago – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Polish community in Chicago?

The biggest Polish community in Chicago is present in Portage Park. Portage Park is on the northwest side of the city, and almost 21,000 Polish people live in the locality.

How many Poles are there in Chicago?

Chicago has one of the largest Polish populations outside of Poland, with around 1,900,000 Polish people living in the metropolitan area.

What city in the US has the most Polish people?

Almost one-third of all Polish immigrants in the US are living in Chicago.

Chicago’s Best Pierogi: Kasia’s Deli

Join Elliott Bambrough for traditional Polish comfort food at a deli in Ukrainian Village.


The largest population of Polish people outside of Poland resides in Chicago. It is one of the most welcoming cities to Polish people who have started great authentic eateries and delis in the city.

If you are looking for delicious, fresh, and authentic Polish food in Chicago, be sure to check out the delis mentioned above.

These delis serve some great Polish classics such as kielbasas, pierogis, potato pancakes, dumplings, rye bread, fresh sandwiches, sausages, and more. Try these local eateries today and see which one suits your taste.

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