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The Best Vegan Deli Meat Brands

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The Best Vegan Deli Meat Brands You Should Try

Historically, when we think of Jewish Delis we think of meat specialties like pastrami and corned beef. But what if you grew up with those tastes, but now you don’t eat meat and live a vegan lifestyle?

The good news is that in recent years there are a variety of vegan deli meats available in the market that you can try in salads, layer in sandwiches, and even showcase on a fancy charcuterie board. These range from plant-based salamis to tofu turkey to vegan pastrami and corned beef.

These delicious treats may not taste exactly like the original beef products rich in trans fats, but they will help to satisfy your meat cravings with some great vegan alternatives.

In this article, you will learn about the top vegan deli meat brands that you can trust and buy quality vegan meat options from. These brands have been popular among vegans for quite some time and offer a range of different vegan meat products.

Here Are Some of the Best Vegan Deli Meat Brands That Are Worth a Try!


If you are a fan of tofu and want to try a tofu-turkey sandwich that will blow your mind, you need to give hickory-smoked Tofurkey deli slices a try. These smoky tofu-based deli slices taste divine paired with mustard and mayonnaise and can make for a fantastic sandwich at home.

You can even try varieties like Over Roasted and Peppered deli slices to make different types of sandwiches and delight guests and family members. These are a much healthier and easy-to-prepare option than real turkey slices, and the taste is basically the same. You can add your choice of vegetables to mix or drizzle some special condiments for extra flavor.

Green Slice

Want to satisfy your cravings with a great vegan cold-cut fix? You need to try Green Slice’s cold cuts that are not just rich in protein but also sans gluten and soy.

The vegan deli meats from Green Slice have organic ingredients that can make you feel fulfilled and keep your body healthy. If you can find their products in a grocery store near you, be sure to pick up the Mixed Garden Organic Roasted Vegan Turkey, Summer Savory Ham, Applewood Smoked Ham, or the Veggeroni.

The Veggeroni is one of Green Slice’s top products. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s my personal favorite too!

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Once you bite into a Veggeroni vegan pizza, you’ll understand why that is so. These mouth-watering meats taste divine in finger sandwiches, paninis, and charcuterie boards. If you want to impress your vegan friends, it is best to lay out a charcuterie board with Green Slice various offerings.

Unreal Deli

If you want the finest quality vegan deli meats, you have to try Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli products. Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli offers great-tasting sauerkraut, Swiss, and Corn’d beef, as well as Roasted Turk’y.

Unreal Deli has become more popular in grocery and super stores since it was featured on Shark Tank and has been quite a successful venture ever since.

If you are looking for low-fat snack options for yourself or your family, you must try making pinwheels of tortilla, cream cheese, Mrs. Goldfarb Unreal Deli Roasted Turk’y, or stacked vegan Reuben sandwiches with spicy mustard.

Although the taste of these vegan deli meats is wonderful, these plant-based beef slices have high sodium content,  therefore, you might only use them for an occasional sandwich treat vs. eating them regularly.  And you can also use Unreal Deli’s delicious vegan meat option in various dishes such as sandwiches, vegan scrambles, stir-fries, and baked dishes.

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If you are a fan of vegan turkey and want to show support to a carbon-neutral company, you must try Lightlife’s vegan deli meat products. Lightlife focuses on providing three smart vegan deli varieties you can enjoy knowing that they are cruelty-free.

With delicious ham, turkey, and bologna-flavored slices, you can make satisfying vegan sandwiches for your picnics and outdoor events or lay out a spectacular charcuterie board for all to enjoy.

The plant-based cold-cuts by Lightlife carry vegan protein and are free from nitrites, cholesterol, and saturated fats, which makes them a healthier choice than real ham and bologna slices.

Most importantly, the sodium content in these products is also quite low, which makes them a great alternative to other vegan lunch meats as well.

Field Roast

Field Roast is one of the top vegan deli meat brands that has a large variety of deli meat products for customers to try. From buffalo wings and pepperoni to hot dogs, Field Roast delivers on its promise to provide the tastiest plant-based meats.

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The brand offers a unique range of meat-free deli slices like smoked tomato plant-based deli slices, mushroom & balsamic, and lentil & sage. You can load these slices on grilled wraps, scrumptious flatbreads, and cheesy paninis. These dishes taste best when paired with Chao vegan cheese.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth is one of the most well-known vegan meat deli brands that sell black forest ham and salt & pepper turkey meatless slices.

Although the packaging of these vegan slices is not as exciting, the mild yet superb flavors of the meatless slices allow them to be a wonderful addition to most dishes.

You can add Simple Truth vegan deli meats to salads, wraps, paninis, roll-ups, and even in a stir-fry. If you are a vegan, it is always handy to have a pack of Simple Truth in your fridge so you can enjoy quick and easy meals for lunch or dinner.


Do you love club sandwiches and want to make vegan clubs at home by yourself? You should try out Yves vegan deli meat slices that are easy to prepare and enjoy. Yves offers a great range of vegan deli products, such as vegan bologna, ham, turkey, salami, and pepperoni.

No matter if you want an expansive charcuterie board or a Superbowl sandwich party, you can make a variety of different sandwiches with Yves meatless slices.

If you really want to spice things up, you can always add German mustard, vegan mayo, and vegan cheese to the mix. However, if you want a classic sandwich with Yves vegan deli meat, you can always make a simple yet tasty BLT.

Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth is perfect for vegans who enjoy a hefty breakfast burrito or stacked club sandwich. You can find Italian vegan deli meats like ham and bologna, as well as turkey slices that are perfect for making lunch sandwiches.

Aside from that, Sweet Earth also offers cheese omelets that are made with vegan eggs, which you can add to burritos or enjoy with fresh sourdough bread. Their most popular products are Sweet Earth’s Applewood Smoked Flavored Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey, and Italian-Style Pepperoni.

Vegan Lunch Meat Taste Test | Ranked 1-5

It’s lunch box season! So, we are trying out vegan deli meats. See which brand wins our vegan deli meat taste test and what we say pass on!

Best Vegan Deli Meat Brands – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Brand of Vegan Meat?

Tofurkey, Quorn, and Yves are some of the most popular vegan meat brands.

Does Vegan Deli Meat Exist?

Yes, Goldfarb and a number of other vegan meat brands sell delicious deli meats loved by vegans everywhere. You can find vegan turkey, vegan pastrami, and a number of other vegan substitutes for deli meats online and in stores near you.

What Is Vegan Deli Meat?

Vegan deli meat is a type of lunch meat or sandwich stuffer that comes in various flavors. You can try vegan cold cuts like bologna, turkey, and ham, to even gourmet meats like spicy sausages and smoked vegan meat substitutes.

Is Vegan Deli Meat Healthy?

Vegan deli meats are comparably a lot healthier than beef and pork deli products since they contain a good amount of fiber, iron, and folate. Moreover, since these delicious products have less saturated fat than real meat, they are much healthier for a person’s heart as well.


We have mentioned some of the best vegan deli meat brands in the market that provide delicious deli slices for your wraps, pitas, stir-fries, hoagies, vegan scrambles, and plant-based charcuterie boards.

You can find any of the brands mentioned above in a store near you or online if they aren’t available close by. No matter if you are craving a healthier version of pastrami or just want a simple vegan BLT, you can make it on your own and enjoy it with these tasty deli meats.

If you would like something a little spicy or flavorful, you can find smoked vegan deli meat varieties or ranges that include different spices, and munch on them with a clean conscience.