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Jewish Deli Jokes

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Jewish Deli Jokes

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. And while there are many different types of humor, Jewish humor is truly unique. Jewish humor has been used as a way to cope with difficult situations, to make light of the Jewish experience, and to bring people together.

So what exactly is Jewish humor? It can be tricky to define, but there are some common themes and characteristics. Many Jewish jokes center around topics like food, money, and family. self-deprecating humor is also common, as is poking fun at authority figures.

Jewish humor often has a clever or witty twist, and can be both sarcastic and heartfelt. It is sometimes irreverent, but always relatable. And most importantly, it is always entertaining!

Here are my favorite example of Jewish humor that related to Jewish humor and delis.

The Funniest Jewish Deli Jokes

Customer: My lunch is talking to me.
Deli Shop Waiter: Yes sir, that’s why I don’t recommend the tongue sandwich.

Why didn’t the deli cheese want to be sliced?
It had grater plans.

Why did customers think the deli owner was so funny?
Beause he had a wry sense of humor.

What did the film director say at the deli?
That’s a wrap.

Why do that call it a deli
Cause it’s deli-cious

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What do a locksmith and a Jewish deli owner have in common?
They always need to have back up locks (lox)

I used to work at a deli…but I quit slicing cold turkey.

What question should you never ask in a Jewish Deli?
What’s the Challah cost?

What’s a business name that could work with a barber shop, a taxidermist, and a deli?
Cuts ‘n Stuff

I went to the Doctor and was told that my love of deli meats was going to kill me.
I had to quit cold turkey.

A woman wanted to buy a bagel with cream cheese at my deli.
I told her we only take cash or card.

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At a deli for lunch yesterday. . .
I had this strange feeling come over me that I had tasted the mustard before. I think that’s dijon vu.

My family is getting worried about my consumption of deli meats, and I’m not sure what to do…

They’re trying to pressure me into quitting cold turkey!

Why did Jesus Christ get fired from the kosher deli?

Because he Cross contaminated all the food

A German Walks into a Kosher Deli

A man walks into a Kosher Deli in New York City and steps up to the counter. “I would like zee bagel und lox please.” He says in a heavy German accent. The man pays, sits down with his food, and is clearly enjoying it. When he’s done he walks up to the counter again and says, “Zat vas amazing. I can’t get food like zat back home.”

The guy behind the counter looks at him disapprovingly and says, “Now whose fault is that?”

A man started a deli business.

Before long, word spread of his delicious meats and his business flourished.

One day, an employee screamed from the back storage room. The owner darted into the room and was shocked to find a stray feline snacking on some salami from a high shelf. The cashier ran up beside him and asked, “What on earth is going on?! “.

He exclaimed, “Well, you see it’s a very deli-cat situation…”

People in India must really enjoy sandwiches.

I heard there were almost 250,000 people in a new deli.

What do you call a religious animal that loves sandwiches?

The Deli Llama.

A friend of mine is so politically correct….

At the deli he is afraid to ask for “White American” cheese.

Why are Jamaicans afraid of kosher delis?
They dread lox.

I went to get some turkey at the deli

I told the guy I wanted a pound of sliced turkey, he said fine. He slices it up and gives it to me, then says “be careful with that.”

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I say “why what’s wrong with it?” And he says “Oh nothing, just be careful because it’s deli-cut.”

The Two Businessmen at the NY Deli

Two arrogant nouveau riche Jewish businessmen are giving their orders to a waiter in a classic Jewish deli on the Lower East Side.

One businessman says hautily to the waiter, “and make sure, when you bring me my food, that the glass is clean.”

A few minutes later, the waiter returns bearing a heavily laden tray. He asks, ” and which one of you gentlemen was it who wanted the clean glass?”.

Two Rabbis at the Deli

Rabbi Bloom and Rabbi Levy are sitting in their local kosher deli and when the waitress comes over, ask for two glasses of water. When the water arrives, they take out homemade sandwiches from inside their coat pockets and start to eat.

Moshe the deli manager is not happy with what he sees. So he goes over to them and says, “Look, I’ll give you both one of our snacks free of charge. My customers won’t mind, seeing you are Rabbis. But please, you can’t eat your own sandwiches in here!”

Rabbi Bloom and Rabbi Levy look at each other with twinkles in their eyes. Without saying a word, they shrug their shoulders, exchange their homemade sandwiches and carry on eating.

Old Jews Telling Jokes in a Deli

Video: When Harry Met Sally Jewish Deli Scene

Okay technically not a joke. But the funniest movie scene ever shot in a Jewish Deli!

From When Harry Met Sally – filmed at the iconic Katz’s deli in New York City and the classic line “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Themes in Jewish Humor

Much of Jewish humor revolves around the themes of suffering and resilience. Jews have long been the butt of jokes and discrimination, and they have often used humor as a way to cope with these difficult experiences. In many cases, Jewish humor is self-deprecating, making fun of Jewish culture and traditions. This type of humor can be seen as a way to deflect hatred and build community bonds.

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Another common theme in Jewish humor is that of outsider status. Jews have historically been outsiders in many cultures, and this has led to a feeling of cultural alienation. This feeling of being an outsider can be expressed through comedy, either by making fun of oneself or by poking fun at the majority culture.

Finally, Jewish humor often relies on wordplay and puns. This is likely due to the fact that Jews have often been restricted in their use of language, leading them to be creative with the words they do use. This playfulness with language can be seen as a form of resistance against oppression.

Summary of Jewish Deli Humor

No matter what its form, Jewish humor typically has a positive outlook and an emphasis on family and community. It is frequently self-deprecating, poking fun at the foibles of Jewish life and this is very much at home at the Jewish Deli.

In recent years, Jewish comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Larry David have taken this brand of humor to a wider audience.

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